Creating An Encounter for DeviousDesires

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The following tutorial will go through the process of creating a snippet containing Encounters for use with Devious Desires. We will start with a complete snippet first and break it down along the way.



What Is An Encounter?

  • An encounter is a dialog prompted to the player, with a set of responses for the player to choose from.
    • Sexual Encounter: When another Sim asks the player (The active Sim) to have sex, the player will be prompted to either accept or decline. If the other Sim is attempting to rape the player Sim instead, then a dialog specific to aggression will appear and the player may choose to give in or to fight them off.


  • First begin by downloading the Basic Encounter.package[1] or importing the below example tuning into a package file as a "Snippet Tuning".
  • Next open "Hash Generator" in Sims4Studio[2]
  • Begin by making a unique name in Hash generator and copying the FNV64 code
  • Click Duplicate on the English String Table, and paste the FNV64 code on the Instance space.
  • Delete the first 2 numbers/letters and replace with 00
  • Click ok and delete the old string table [English string table on top of the new one you just made]
  • Go back into Hash generator and come up with a name for your Snippet Tuning. MAKE SURE ITS UNIQUE
  • Copy the FNV64 and duplicate the Snippet tuning.
  • Paste the FNV64 code into the instance and click ok.
  • Delete the old Snippet Tuning
  • On the XML paste the name you made for your snippet tuning where you see n= PutYourSnippetTuningNameHere
  • Go back to the Hash generator and click decimal on the bottom. Copy the FNV64 and paste it on the same line in the XML as before but where you see s= 12345...
  • Write the question for your encounter on the line for Questions text between
  • Do the same for the Accept Response and the Decline Response
  • Now copy the question you made and paste in Hash Generator. Copy the FNV32.
  • On the XML paste the FNV32 code where you see 0x###### to replace the ######## on the same line you copied the question from.
  • Click the string table then click edit items.
  • Click add and paste the FNV32 where you see 00000000
  • Copy the question text and paste it in the space next to Value [The question text will still be in Hash generator hopefully]
  • Click save and do the same thing you did to the question text to the Accept and Decline responses [Same thing being 5 steps ago, but to the accept/decline]
  • Once you've added your accept/decline responses to the string table and replaced the ###### from the 0x####### with their respective FNV32 codes save the package and text.
  • If you have questions ask in The Nutty Collection discord server.

Example Tuning

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<I c="DeviousDesiresEncountersTuning" i="snippet" m="deviousdesires.encounters.encounters_tuning" n="PutYourSnippetTuningNameHere" s="12970399515773475864">
  <T n="has_devious_desires_encounters">True</T>
  <L n="sexual_encounters">
      <T n="encounter_unique_identifier">PutYourIdentifierNameHERE<!--Identifier is to the left of this green text thingy--></T>
      <T n="encounter_question_text">0x########<!--Put Your Question here--></T>
      <V n="fallback_accept_response">
          <T n="response_text">0x########<!--Put your Accept Response here--></T>
      <V n="fallback_decline_response">
          <T n="response_text">0x########<!--Put your Decline Response here--></T>
      <T n="actor_sim_criteria">
      <T n="target_sim_criteria">