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Custom Slider Framework is a mod created for The Sims 4.


ColonolNutty and the Custom Slider Framework Home itself are neither responsible, liable, nor accountable for what people use this mod for, what people add to it, or how people extend from it. The accountability is entirely on the third party. If a third party does something to/with/for this mod that goes against Nexus rules, the third party takes full responsibility NOT this mod nor its author.


  • Customize the body parts of your Sim without going into CAS (All Ages)
    • Change sliders like Height, Hand Size, Thigh Size, etc. on the fly.
      • Example: Make your Sim Taller with monster sized hands.
  • Save a Slider Template of your Sim and apply it to various other Sims!
  • Extensible: You can add your own sliders to work with this mod without needing to modify the Sim Modifiers in the package file itself.

Planned Features

  • Add the ability to apply a Slider value to all Sims.


  • Q: How do the sliders work? What does -100.0 mean compared to 100.0?
  • A: Setting a slider to -100.0 will set that slider to its smallest.
    • For example if the Slider was "Height Short/Tall"
    • Setting the slider to -100.0 would change the Sim to the minimum height (shortest).
    • Setting the slider to 100.0 would change the Sim to the maximum height (tallest).
    • Setting the slider to 0.0 would change the Sim to be neither Short nor Tall (their default size)
  • Q: What does it mean when I set a slider to 100.0? Is that relative to the current size of a slider?
  • A: No, setting the value to 100.0 will set that part value to 100.0. It is all relative to the default size of a Sim (Which is 0.0).
    • Positive makes it bigger (Out, Wide, Thick, etc.),
    • Negative makes it smaller (In, Narrow, Skinny, etc.).
    • 0.0 will reset it to the default.
  • Q: What is the default value that is selected when I try to change the slider?
  • A: That value is what the slider is already set to for the Sim.


  • Using the Mod Settings Menu mod, first enable testing cheats by opening the console with CTRL+SHIFT+C, then typing "testingcheats on" and hitting enter.
    • You may then access the functions of Custom Slider Framework by doing the following: SHIFT+CLICK on a Sim you want to change the slider values of -> Configure Mod Settings -> Customize Sliders

Mod Settings (Usage)

  • Customize Sliders
    • Enable "testingcheats" by running "testingcheats on" in the CTRL+SHIFT+C console.
    • SHIFT+CLICK on a Human Sim or Pet Sim -> Configure Mod Settings -> Customize Sliders
    • Locate the Customize Sliders interaction (It shows up as a top level interaction)
    • Choose a Slider
    • Choose Change Value
    • Enter a value to change the slider to (Default is 0.0, enter this to reset the part or push the reset button)
      • The initial value is what the slider is already set to.
    • Watch your Sim become transformed!
  • Slider Templates
    • Follow the above steps, but instead of customizing a slider, navigate into Slider Templates
    • To create a template, choose the Create a Template from (Sim) option, then give the template a name.
    • To apply a template, first select a template by clicking the Selected Template option and choosing from the available templates (If none are available, it means you need to create one, see above). Once you've selected your template, then you simply click Apply. The template will apply to the Sim that you opened the Customize Sliders dialog on.

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  • Download and install the Requirements
  • Download and install sliders for this mod!
  • Unpack this mods archive and drop the files anywhere in your Mods folder (...\The Sims 4\Mods\)
  • Enjoy



  • No translations have been made for this mod.




Custom Slider Framework is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International public license (CC BY-ND 4.0).