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The following is a list of tags used by Deviant Core to describe a CAS Part.



CAS Part Rules

CAS Part Tagging Rules

Special Tags

  • PRIMARY - Indicates a part is a primary to a secondary part.
  • SECONDARY - Indicates a part is a secondary to a primary part.
  • REVEALING - Indicates a part is revealing. i.e. It shows either genitals or nipples.
  • VAGINA - Indicates a part is a Vagina
  • PENIS - Indicates a part is a Penis.
  • HAS_VISIBLE_PENIS_BULGE - Indicates a part has a visible penis bulge.
  • ERECTION - Indicates a part is an erect penis.
  • FEMININE - Indicates a part requires a Feminine frame.
  • MASCULINE - Indicates a part requires a Masculine frame.
  • SIZE_SMALL - Indicates a part is small in size.
  • SIZE_MEDIUM - Indicates a part is medium in size.
  • SIZE_LARGE - Indicates a part is large in size.
  • DISALLOW_FOR_RANDOM - Indicates a part is not allowed to be used when randomly selecting CAS Parts for Sims to use.