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Devious Desires Wicked Whims Loader is an addon to the Devious Desires mod that is intended to enable Devious Desires to recognize and load Animations and CAS Parts that were previously made for Wicked Whims. It also has functions that will convert Wicked Whims snippets tunings into Devious Desires snippet tunings and make them easy to import into a package file of your own to add native Devious Desires support.

The download for this is included with the main download of Devious Desires.


Convert Wicked Whims snippets to Devious Desires snippets (Use By Animation Authors Only)

  • To convert Animations and CAS Parts from WW snippet tunings to DD ones, do the following:
    • Install the DDWWLoader
    • Open the "deviousdesires_wickedwhims_loader.config" file in notepad.
    • Change the line that says '"enable_converted_ww_snippets_to_be_output_to_folder": false' to be '"enable_converted_ww_snippets_to_be_output_to_folder": true'
    • Launch the game up until the Main Menu
    • Locate the converted snippets for your package inside "Mods/mod_data/deviousdesires/snippets_converted_from_ww_to_dd" folder.