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  • No real living, breathing humans were harmed in the making of this mod, nor in the functionality of this mod.



  • Fetishes with a description have been implemented, fetishes without a description have not.
  • Anthro (Partially Implemented)


  • Enables support for Humanoid Sims knotting other Sims as well as Anthro Sims to engage in sexy time. (Such as werewolves)


  • Werewolf support. Included Rigs contain bones for Werewolves to have penises.
  • Traits
    • Knotted Penis - A Human Sim with this trait is flagged as having a Knot on their Penis and thus may be able to Knot other Sims during sex. Werewolves automatically have a Knotted Penis.
  • Knotting
    • Sims may knot other Sims when they have an Orgasm during sex, if they have a knot on their penis. (See Penis Knot Trait).


  • If a Sim with a Knot on their Penis has an orgasm during sex, then a Knotting will occur and the Sim they are knotting will receive a buff both during and after the knotting (Depending on whether they pulled out early or not).
  • All of the criteria that Pregnancy requires must be met as well, see the DD General page on pregnancy for more details!

Body Parts

The animations listed here are only the body parts that I am aware of. There are likely to be even more available than those in this list!

  • MiniGiles - Humanoid Canine Penis, Flaccid and Hard.