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  • Allows buying, managing, and working at a Brothel in The Sims 4.



  • Buy and open your very own Brothel (business)!
  • Hire and Train Staff of various professions
    • Harlots/Studs - Patrons come to enjoy the Harlots and Studs after being assigned a service spot. These staff members will do their utmost to ensure the Patrons are feeling right at home, in bed.
    • Strippers - Patrons come to watch Strippers dance, socialize, and get their twerk on (for a payment). They can earn Tips from dancing and will even strip at certain tip thresholds!
    • Hosts - These staff members will locate available service spots for Patrons, they will also ensure Patrons feel welcomed.
    • Maintenance - Every working business needs the blue collar folk, this staff will repair and clean the premises.
    • Bartenders - Can't have a party without alcohol, this staff will serve drinks and food to Patrons.
  • Earn star levels to increase patron count
    • Brothel Critics may visit your brothel to give their reviews on how good it is.

Important Notes

  • Lessons may be found ingame explaining a few of the Brothels systems, simply hit ESC while ingame and navigate to Lessons to find them under the Devious Desires category.

Animation Customization Details

  • If you want to disable an animation to be allowed in a brothel, simply add the DISALLOWED_FOR_BROTHEL tag to it.

NPC Brothels

  • If you just want an NPC to run a brothel while your Sim works at it, you simply need to add the Brothel lot trait to a lot. Travel away from the zone, then travel back to it (May need to travel more than once)
    • This lot trait can be added to any lot, but there are some caveats to it.
      • The lot with the Brothel lot trait will no longer function as it did before. If it was previously a restaurant, it will no longer function as a restaurant would. If it was previously a Vet Clinic, it will again no longer function as it did. This is because the Brothel lot trait takes over and turns the lot into a brothel.
      • This lot trait has been fully tested on a Residential lot, so that may be the best lot type to put it on, but there are likely plenty of other lot types that will work.
  • These Brothels function pretty much the same as a Player owned brothel, except that an NPC owns it.
  • To take over an NPC brothel and become the manager, your Sim needs to own the lot, then they need to do the following interaction:
    • SHIFT+CLICK on own Sim -> Brothel -> Take Ownership Of Business
  • After taking over the business, you run it the same as you would for a brothel that you bought.
  • To release ownership back to the NPCs do the following interaction:
    • SHIFT+CLICK on own Sim -> Brothel -> Release Ownership
  • After doing ANY of the above interactions leave the lot (travel somewhere else), then come back!

NPC Brothel Requirements

  • There are a few requirements a lot must have in order for an NPC brothel to fully function.
    • In NPC brothels, there are many workflows, each requiring different sets of objects on the lot.
    • The number of objects on the lot indicate the number of staff members to be hired. Know however that there is a limit of no more than 12 employees at any one time, so if the brothel has hired 11 Harlots/Studs and 1 Stripper, and you place a Bar, you will not see a Bartender show up.

Harlot And Stud Required Items

  • At least one each of:
    • Double Bed
      • Objects tagged with FUNC_DOUBLE_BED or BUY_CAT_SS_BED_DOUBLE
    • Host Station
      • Objects tagged with FUNC_HOST_STATION
    • Shower or Tub
      • Objects that satisfy the Hygiene motive.
    • Mirror
      • Objects tagged with FUNC_MIRROR_NO_VANITY

Stripper Required Items

  • At least one each of:
    • Dancing Pole (You need to download a mod for this one)
    • Shower or Tub

Other Staff Types

  • Bartenders - At least one Bar.
    • Objects tagged with FUNC_BAR
  • Maintenance - No requirements.

Player At NPC Brothel

  • To begin working at an NPC brothel, simply click on your Sim -> Brothel -> Clock In As Active or Clock In As Autonomous
    • Other than clocking in, it functions the same as it would while working at a Player owned brothel. (See the Staff section for more details)
    • Even if a Player Sim normally works at a different brothel, they will still be able to clock in at ANY NPC Brothel they travel to as well!

Player Owned Brothel

  • In order to buy a Brothel, do the following steps:
    • Open the phone or click on a computer
    • Open the Household category
    • Click Buy a Brothel
  • Lot types that may be converted into a Brothel are as follows:
    • Generic
    • Residential
    • Night Club

Brothel Management

  • There are various tasks your Sim can do while managing a brothel. From welcoming patrons to hiring/promoting/demoting staff members.
  • Sims can be hired directly by clicking on them and choosing Hire As Type under the Brothel Management category.

Service Spots

  • In order for Harlots, Studs, and Strippers to work, they need to have service spots marked for them to perform services at, whether it is sexual acts, pole dancing, or lap dancing.
  • Every brothel needs service spots to be marked before they can function (Even NPC brothels)
    • To mark a spot for service:
      • SHIFT+CLICK on objects -> Brothel Management -> Mark Service -> Mark as Type spot
  • NPC brothels will automatically mark Double Beds and Dancing Poles for service, but they will need some help from the player for the Lap Dancing spots to be marked.


Uniform Creation And Assignment

  • To design uniforms for specific Staff members, click on them -> Brothel Management -> Uniforms -> Design Uniform
    • CAS will be opened with the Sim
  • To assign uniforms to specific staff members, click on them -> Brothel Management -> Uniforms -> Assign Uniform
  • To bulk design uniforms you can assign to staff members later, click on a Computer -> Brothel Management -> Uniforms -> Design Uniforms
  • To bulk assign uniforms to Staff members, click on a Computer -> Brothel Management -> Uniforms -> Assign Uniforms

Hire Staff

  • In order to have Sims start working for you:
    • Open the phone while on your Brothel lot
    • Navigate to the brothel category
    • Click on Manage Staff
  • Alternatively, you may hire Sims directly by clicking on them
    • Click on the Sim you wish to hire -> Manage -> Hire As -JobType-

Hire Self As Staff

  • In order to have your own Sim starting working at the Brothel (Both Player or NPC owned):
    • SHIFT+CLICK on your Sim -> Manage -> Hire Self As -JobType-

Harlots And Studs

  • Harlots and Studs are just one side of Brothels. They take orders from patrons and service them as best they can.

HS Patrons

  • H/S patrons will arrive at the Brothel, check in with a host, be shown to a service spot, order service from a harlot/stud they have a sex classification preference for, pay for the service, then happily (or unhappily) leave the brothel.
  • After leaving the Brothel, they will give the Brothel a rating depending on their experience.
  • Sometimes you may see a Brothel Critic arrive. These patrons should be provided with a higher level of quality so that they may increase the popularity of your Brothel.
  • These patrons may arrive in groups of one or two Sims.

Player Harlot Or Stud

  • Services
    • While working, your Sim may accept an order from a Patron. Your Sim is paid per Service depending on how well they performed.
    • Various factors contribute to the amount of money earned, such as mood, skills, buffs, traits, and career level.
    • Increasing the Sexperience skill of your Sim will increase the satisfaction of patrons that receive service as well as the amount of money they pay for it.
    • Having any fluids on your Sim from providing service to previous patrons or having low hygiene will decrease the amount of money earned and the satisfaction of the patrons being serviced.


  • Strippers are another side of making money at Brothels. They will perform dances while earning tips on dancing poles, seduce patrons into buying services, and provide services such as Lap Dances to patrons that request it.
  • While dancing on a pole or giving a lap dance to patrons, Strippers will strip their clothing as they receive more tips from patrons.
  • Strippers will not dance forever, they will grow fatigued after dancing for some time, after which they will socialize with patrons until they are no longer fatigued.

S Patrons

  • S Patrons will arrive at the Brothel and then choose to either watch Strippers that are dancing (and give tips to them) or hang around and socialize with strippers and other Patrons.
  • If these patrons are watching a stripper dance, they will give a tip to the stripper they are watching when their blue bar reaches the top.
    • The blue bar increases faster the higher the Dancing skill of the stripper.
  • If these patrons are socializing, they will request a service from a Stripper when they are seduced enough into buying a service from a stripper.
    • While they are receiving a lap dance, they will tip the stripper giving them the dance when their blue bar reaches max, depending on the Dancing skill of the stripper.

Player Stripper

  • Pole Dancing/Lap Dancing
    • The amount of money received from patrons and how often patrons give tips is dependent on the Dancing skill of your Sim.
  • Services
    • While socializing with Patrons, use Seduction interactions to increase the blue bar of patrons. Once it reaches max, the patron can be offered a service or they may request a service from your Sim.
    • Increasing the Sexperience skill of your Sim will increase the satisfaction of patrons that receive service.
  • Career
    • Earn promotions by increasing the skills of your Sim and accomplishing various career tasks. Your Sim may even learn a few skills along the way.


  • These staff members will keep your Brothel look shiny and new. They will clean anything dirty as well as repair anything broken.


  • These staff members will serve drinks to patrons.
  • It is not recommended to "Hire Mixologist" when clicking on the bar on a brothel lot.

Types Of Patrons

  • Standard - These patrons are your bread and butter and may appear at most times of the day. They will consist of all types of Sims from Teen Sims to Elder Sims.
  • Early Birds - These mainly consist of elder Sims, usually in the early morning hours.
  • Low Fame Celebrities - These consist of Celebrities of lower fame.
  • High Fame Celebrities - These consist of Celebrities of high fame.
  • Critic - These patrons come to review your brothel, they give a higher rating the happier they are. They will also increase the popularity of your Brothel.

Player S Patron

  • By default when visiting a Brothel lot, your Sim becomes a Brothel Stripper patron. (If they are not a brothel patron click on them -> Brothel -> Become Brothel Patron and let some time pass)
  • Being a stripper patron allows Strippers to try to seduce your Sim, they will also offer services to your Sim.
  • You may request service from a stripper by clicking on them -> Brothel -> Services -> Request Service Type
  • While receiving a lap dance, you may tip the stripper giving you the lap dance and they may strip their clothing.
  • You may also watch strippers dance and can even tip them simoleons. Tip them enough simoleons and they may even begin stripping!
  • To end your time at the brothel or stop being a patron. Click on your Sim -> Brothel -> Stop Being a Brothel Patron.

Player HS Patron

  • To become an HS patron, simply check in at a Host Station by requesting a service spot.
  • Once checked in and assigned a service spot. Look around the lot for a Harlot/Stud you want to request service from.
  • Click on them and Order For Group, after this a dialog will appear with available service types.
  • After service is chosen, the Harlot/Stud will come to perform that service.
  • Once service is complete, you may either give up your service spot (Stop being an HS Patron) or you may request service from another Harlot/Stud (or the same one)


Pole Dancing Animations

Pole Dancing Poses

These animations are made for Pose Player.

Dancing Poles