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  • Allows Sims to have Sex and become Nude. The basic package is essentially just plain old vanilla sex, with some minor Fetishes thrown in.



  • Fetishes with a description have been implemented, fetishes without a description have not.
  • Incest (Partially Implemented) - Romance/Sex with family members.
    • If a Sim has a high enough enjoyment level for Incest, they can be considered Incestuous, this is an alternative to enabling the global Incest setting.
  • Exhibitionism (Not Implemented) - Being naked in public.
  • Public Sex (Not Implemented) - Having sex in public.
  • Voyeurism (Not Implemented) - Watching others have sex
  • Peeping (Not Implemented) - Secretly watching others have sex
  • Orgy (Not Implemented) - Sex involving multiple Sims.


  • Sex and Sex Autonomy for Human Sim x Human Sim
    • Sex Club Autonomy
    • Masturbation
      • Sims can masturbate on the floor or on furniture!
      • Sims will autonomously masturbate when their Arousal is high enough.
    • Have Sex
      • When Sims have a high enough romance with another Sim they may ask them for Sex.
        • They may also ask for sex autonomously when their Arousal is high enough!
        • Click -> Romance -> Have Sex
    • Relationships
      • Teen Sim and Adult Sim romance interactions unlocked.
      • Incest romance interactions unlocked (For Sims that are incestuous)
    • Locational Motive changes
      • Sex in the shower or a tub will increase hygiene
    • Jealousy
      • If a Sim spots a loved one involved in sex, they may become jealous and stop the sex!
      • If all Sims in sex match the gender preference of the loved one that spots the sex, they may become aroused instead!
    • Proximity
      • Sims going near a sex in progress may autonomously ask to join or go off and masturbate somewhere if they have are sufficiently Aroused too.
    • Arousal
      • Every Sim (enabled for DD, of course) will have an Arousal percentage. To see the Arousal of a Sim Click on them -> Info -> Arousal: %
      • Increases faster by having more Flirty buffs as well as performing certain interactions, such as watching a Romantic movie.
      • Increases slower by having more Angry, Sad, Stressed, or Uncomfortable buffs.
      • Decreases by having sex and having an orgasm. (No orgasm = No arousal decrease)
    • Self Impregnation and Cum On Self (or any overlay really)
      • If an Animation is setup properly, a Sim may self-impregnate or apply overlays to themselves!
      • When Sims have an orgasm on themselves, you can choose where they shoot their load at, In Vagina, In Anus, On Face, and more!
  • Body System (Nudity, Underwear, Equipment)
    • Customize the body parts of your Sims, each Sim may use different body parts!
      • Select Default parts for all Sims to use. You may even choose a default part for every body category!
      • Custom Part Support! Choose ANY CAS Part you want for any part of your body! Choose CAS Parts via CAS.
      • Other Custom Part Types (In addition to the basic ones):
        • Head
        • Tail
        • Hands
        • Mouth
        • Ears
      • These custom parts will continue to be worn by your Sim, even when they take all of their clothing off!
      • Underwear
    • Unequip various clothing items (All, Hat, Gloves, Top, Bottom, Shoes, Tights)
    • The best parts about the nudity in DD, there are Zero Conflicts With Other Mods and that DD Will Not Permanently Modify the Outfit of your Sims, so DD can be uninstalled with no repercussions!
  • Pregnancy
    • Sims may become pregnant via DD sex.
    • When Sims have an orgasm, you can choose where they shoot their load at, In Vagina, In Anus, On Face, and more!
  • Orgasm Meter
  • Top/Bottom/Giver/Receiver
    • Set the Giver/Receiver preferences of your Sim and ensure they take the correct position during sex!
    • Animations must use these tags on their actors before they will respect the roles!
    • Also works to equip/unequip clothing items of NPCs.
  • Animations and CAS Parts that worked for Wicked Whims will work with Devious Desires!
  • Animation Customizations
    • Customize animations in various ways to improve them and perhaps correct a few mistakes the animation mod authors don't have time to fix. Modify overlays, sexual organs, and tags!
    • Bulk Customization for when you want to customize many animations at the same time with the same customizations. Some assumptions will be made for each of the Bulk Operations.
    • The best part is that you can share it with the community! Everyone can have corrected and working animations!
    • By customizing an animation, you can make the animation available for various types of Sex. Even if the animation author did not originally set the animation up for this!
  • Custom Overlays
    • Types
      • Cum
      • Tears
      • Blush
    • Overlays apply in multiple weights Light, Medium, and Heavy.
  • Fetishes
    • Enthuse About, Complain About, and Think About. Sims can have various fetishes that will have an effect on various parts of the mod! (Check the wiki for more details on their effects)
    • Fetish Likes/Dislikes can be selected in CAS
    • Just to name a few:
      • Exhibitionism
      • Public Sex
      • Voyeurism
      • Incest - If you want Sims to be incestuous, increase their enjoyment of Incest or set them to like Being Incestuous in CAS! (All Sims involved need it to be at a high level)
  • Encounters
    • When a Sim asks the Active Sim for sex, a dialogue appears giving the player some choices. They can accept, decline, or possibly other choices.
    • Encounters are available for Animal Sim x Human Sim, Animal Sim x Animal Sim, and Human Sim x Human Sim for Normal Sex, Rough Sex, and Rape.

Planned Features

  • Storytelling/Roleplay
    • Add a toggle that will allow a Sim player to decide whether they want to see Sex animations or whether the screen will simply fade to black. The buffs/relationship stuff should still occur though!
  • Poly
    • Sims can request Open Polygamous or Polysexual Relationship [High Romance for success on asking]
    • Sims can have open relationships [Free love]
    • Sims can specify who their partner is allowed to be romantic/Have sex with [Polyamorous. Sims get jealous if partner flirts or has sex with someone not allowed]
    • Sims can Specify who their partner can have sex with [Polysexual. Sims still get jealous for romance interactions]
  • Cheating Fetish
    • Sims with High Cheating cheat blatantly and are happy about it
    • Sims with low cheating go the extra mile to not cheat and are unhappy when Flirted with or "moved" on
  • Sexbot
    • Sexbot can be programmed for who its allowed to have sex with.
    • Sexbot can be impregnated [clone of impregnator]
    • Sexbot must use cum based lubricant to not break down [Possibility]
  • Nudity System
    • Add the ability to mass set body parts on all Sims
    • Add the ability to disable some body parts
  • Sexual Need
    • Satisfy Sexual Need through Non-Sexual actions such as Meditation, Cold Showers, or Working Out
    • Add the ability to specify certain Sims as Asexual [Not needing sex]
    • Add the ability to have certain Sims be Nymphomaniacs and need sex more often.
    • Exclude Servos from having a Sexual Need (Because it doesn't really make sense)
  • Sexual Dialogue
    • Approach Dialogue
      • Dialogue based on relations [Spouse, boyfriend, Side piece, Relative, Dominant, Submissive, etc]
      • Dialogue when Sim approaches played Sim
        • Options for Yes, No, or Later
        • Options for Near, Far, or Bedroom
      • Dirty talk during sex [Sexual Prowess increases dirty talk in partner]
        • Prompts during sex based on Fetish [Specific fetishes]
        • Breeding prompt= 90% Orgasm "Cum Hard and Breed me." [Cum Deep[BREED], Continue as normal, Pull out]
  • Pimping & Prostitution
    • Pimping
      • Recruit Prostitutes
      • Buy Brothel
    • Prostitution
      • Sell Self for Simoleons
      • Offer Fetish based services
  • Sexual Prowess Skill
    • Make partner cum faster
    • Increase Stamina
  • Add condoms
    • Condoms to prevent pregnancies
  • Porn watching
    • Computer
    • Magazine
    • Phone
  • Fetishes
    • Add the ability to save a template of fetishes and copy it to other Sims.
    • While Sims sleep, they can dream about fetishes to increase/decrease them.
  • Arousal
    • Arousal Idle animations
      • Rubbing crotch, breasts, or body in general.
    • Arousal Walk Style overrides.
      • Seeing naked Sims
      • Being naked
    • DD Milk Farm integration
      • Milk will spew from breasts while a Sim is aroused
      • Precum will spew from the penis while a Sim is aroused.
  • Reactions
    • React to sex
      • Parent seeing son or daughter having sex
    • React to nudity
      • Family or friend reactions:
        • Embarrassment (Child Sim sees their parents "wrestling" or Teen Sim sees their parents doing it)
  • Romance
    • The Incest Fetish should enable Romance interactions between family members for the Sims with that fetish.
  • Sex
    • Find a way to have Sims build skills while having sex, such as playing a guitar or reading a skill book.
  • Add a way to whip out your penis (If you have one) without removing bottom clothing
  • Allow Sleeping Sims to be interacted with, start sex, or be the target of sex.
  • Pregnancy
    • Pregnancy Encounter
      • Pregnant Sim approaches Impregnator and informs them of pregnancy
        • Replies include positive reply, Negative Reply [Not my problem], Abortion reply [Sim with Family oriented will not accept this], Super Negative reply [Immense friendship and romance Reduction]
    • Stress can Cause Labor
      • Sims who are scared have a chance of going into Labor
      • Sims who are angry can go into Labor
      • Sims who are having sex can go into Labor
    • Miscarriages
      • Percentage chance when in labor or maybe in between pregnancy buffs of having a miscarriage (opt in, 0% chance by default)
    • Abortions
      • End pregnancies via the phone, visiting the hospital, and possibly other things.
  • Animations
  • Animation Customization
    • Animation Locations
    • Animation Custom Locations
    • Actors
      • Actor Animation Category
  • Add command to trigger mass orgy
  • Corruption
    • Persuade Sims to eventually do things for you.
      • Persuasion increases chances of that Sim doing an autonomous action the more they are persuaded to do it.
  • Fetishes
    • Randomize fetishes for Sims on load.
    • Add a sex toy/item store to Sim computers for buying.
  • Misc
    • Devious TV Channel
  • Statistics
    • Number of Orgasms
    • Satisfaction based on number of orgasms
  • Settings
    • Add the ability to change max time for sex to finish.
  • Social Interaction for Convince To Have Sex
    • Look at how the Talk Up Another Sim interaction works
  • Occurrences
    • Lose clothing (accidentally losing their clothing)
      • Cutting through jungle can result in lost shirt or other clothing parts.
      • Riding a bicycle, clothing gets caught.
      • All clothing is dirty, the Sim is forced to be nude until their laundry is done.
      • While a Sim is fishing, they have a chance of accidentally hooking the clothing of a nearby Sim and removing that clothing (place it on the ground nearby).
  • Clothing
    • Underwear
      • Underwear objects that you can place or wear
      • Have underwear show under skirts
      • Wash underwear
      • Take off/Put on underwear while wearing skirts, dresses, etc. (Requires underwear objects above)
    • Clothing on the ground
    • Degradable clothing
    • Panties
      • Bulges
    • Bras
  • Fetishes/Kinks
    • Add function to fetishes accordingly
  • Sex
    • Start a queue of Sims to have sex with your Sim, make money for each Sim that has sex with you.
    • Ability to designate rooms for sex or to not have sex
  • Sex End Rework
    • Determine when and how to end sex based on orgasm.
    • Add setting to not end sex on orgasm.
    • When Sim has an orgasm, pop up a speech dialog that asks "That was great, should I keep going?"
    • NPCs will randomly choose whether to continue or not.


  • For all interactions that require SHIFT+CLICK, please ensure you run "testingcheats on" before you try to find them!
    • In order to see the settings and also enable/disable features, SHIFT+CLICK on a Sim -> Configure Mod Settings -> Devious Desires Settings (Mod Settings Menu is required!)
    • Once the Settings are open, the first thing you will want to do is to enable the features you want to see by navigating to Toggle Features -> Enable Feature
    • After enabling a Feature, Save the game and restart The Sims 4



  • In order for a Sim to be considered Incestuous, they need to have a LIKE IT Enjoyment level in the INCEST fetish.
    • For TWO Sims to engage in incest, they BOTH need to have a LIKE IT Enjoyment level of the INCEST fetish.
  • If Two Sims are blood related, both Sims will need to have a LIKE IT Enjoyment Level with the INCEST fetish before they will do anything incest related, this includes Romance and Sex.
    • Alternatively, you can enable the Incest For All setting within the DD settings.


Changing What Your Sim Wears

  • With S4CM Installed:
    • Change To Nude
      • Click on the Sim -> Instant Outfits-> Nude-> Pick A Body Location or All
    • Change To Strap-on
      • Click on the Sim -> Instant Outfits -> Nude-> Pick the Strap-On Option
        • To take the strap-on off again:
        • Click on the Sim -> Instant Outfits -> Outerwear -> Pick the Strap-On Option
    • Change To Underwear
      • Click on the Sim -> Instant Outfits -> Underwear -> Pick A Body Location or All
        • Whichever part you chose will be undressed to underwear
    • Put Your Clothes Back On!
      • Click on the Sim -> Instant Outfits -> Outerwear-> Pick A Body Location or All
        • Whichever part you chose will be put back on.
  • Without S4CM Installed:
    • The process is the same, the only difference is where the interactions are located at.
      • Instead of Instant Outfits, the interactions will appear under DD -> Nudity after clicking on the Sim.
      • Click on the Sim -> DD -> Nudity -> ...

Choosing A Global Part

  • To select a part that will be assigned to Sims that have yet to be assigned parts:
    • Open the body parts/equipment selector of your choosing.
    • Navigate into a body/equipment part
    • Choose Assignment Method at the top
    • Choose either Global, Native, Random, Custom, None, or any other parts that may be available.
  • If you want to update all Sims to use your chosen Assignment Method, select your preferred Assignment Method, then run the command "dd.refresh_all_sim_body_and_equipment_data" in the console
  • If you want to clear/reset all assigned Body/Equipment parts from all Sims, simply run the command "dd.refresh_all_sim_body_and_equipment_data" in the console

Select Body/Equipment Parts

  • With S4CM Installed:
    • Click on Sim -> Instant Outfits -> Select Body/Equipment Parts
  • Without S4CM Installed:
    • Click on Sim -> DD -> Nudity -> Select Body/Equipment Parts

Custom Part Selection

  • Within the Body and Equipment Part dialogs you may choose your own CAS parts for each type of part. Any CAS Part you want from CAS itself!
    • When CAS opens, if you wish to use a part that does not take the same slot as the part type you are choosing for (For example HAT for Head, LOWER BODY for Penis/Vagina
      • After choosing the CAS Parts you want, hit the Checkmark
        • When CAS closes and you are back in Live mode, another dialog will appear that will allow you to properly choose which CAS Parts you actually want, DD will auto highlight the ones it THINKS are correct, make sure all of the ones that are auto highlighted are what you WANT to be a part of that body part. (Especially check if any Tattoos and Body Hair are selected towards the bottom, DD really likes auto highlighting those for some reason!)


  • Laundry will only be created if you have placed Laundry Day objects on the lot, such as a Dryer, Hamper, or Washing Machine.
  • Whenever a Sim takes a clothing piece off, they will create a pile of clothing on the floor near your Sim.
  • You may disable this within the settings
    • DD Settings -> Global Settings -> Nudity Settings -> Enable Laundry Creation On Unequip
  • This clothing pile acts as any other pile of laundry.



  • Start masturbation
    • Click on an Object or Floor -> Self Service (or Masturbate Here if it is the only one available) -> Masturbate Here
    • or Click on Sim -> Self Service (or Masturbate Here if it is the only one available) -> Masturbate -> On Floor/Furniture
  • Autonomy
    • When a Sim reaches -75 in their Sex Motive, they will attempt to find a place to masturbate on their own.


  • In order to start Normal Sex your Sim must be in a romantic relationship with another Sim. (At least 30% on the romance bar)
  • The logic for a Sim to accept Sex is less restrictive than the Woohoo Accept logic. (No Angry, Sad, or Dazed, etc.)
    • Click on the Object you want your Sims to have sex at -> Romance -> Have Sex or Have Sex With <Sim>
      • If the other Sim accepts sex, both Sims will move to the sex location and they will begin having sex.
    • Alternatively Click on a Sim you want to have sex with -> Romance -> Have Sex
      • An object near both of your Sims will be chosen at random for sex. (If no locations near your Sims are found, you may receive "No Locations Found" or "No Animations Found")

Sex Without The Fluff (and also NPCs)

  • If you just want Sims to have sex without all of the romance, relationships, etc. getting in the way, this is how you do it.
    • SHIFT+Click on the Object you want the Sims to have sex at -> DD -> Start Sexy Time -> Normal Sex
    • Choose however many Sims you want in the first and second menus, they will all be involved in the sex.
    • If you choose the same Sim both times, then they will masturbate instead of having sex with another Sim.
    • If animations are available for the chosen Sims, then pick an animation to play
    • After choosing an animation, all chosen Sims will teleport to the sex location and begin sex.

Sex Autonomy


  • All Sims may autonomously have or ask for sex from other Sims, this includes the player Sims and NPC Sims.
    • Sims will autonomously masturbate or ask for sex when their Arousal reaches about 75%
  • NPC Sims may ask player Sims, player Sims may ask NPC Sims, NPC Sims may ask NPC Sims, etc.
  • If you do not want Sims to autonomously have or ask for sex, you may disable it in the settings
    • DD Settings -> Global Settings -> Autonomy Settings -> Autonomous Normal Sex (Player) or Autonomous Normal Sex (NPCs)


  • In order for a Sim to join sex autonomously, they simply need to go near a Sex in progress, it is at that time they will decide whether they want to join or not.
    • After the Sim goes near Sex, they will want to "Be Aroused", which will lead to them either wanting to join, wanting to masturbate, or wanting neither.
  • All Sims may autonomously join sex involving other Sims, this includes the player Sims and NPC Sims.
    • Sims will autonomously masturbate or ask to join sex when their Arousal reaches about 60%
  • NPC Sims may join player Sims, player Sims may ask NPC Sims, NPC Sims may ask NPC Sims, etc.
  • If you do not want Sims to autonomously join sex, you may disable it in the settings
    • DD Settings -> Global Settings -> Autonomy Settings -> Autonomous Join Switch


What is it?

  • Arousal is a custom motive added by DD that makes your Sims "need" to have sex or masturbate occasionally. (Alone or with other Sims)
    • By default for a Sim to reach 75% Arousal, it should take a total of 3 Sim days.
    • Autonomous sex usually begins at around 75%

How do I see it?

  • Click on a Sim -> Info -> Arousal: %

How does Arousal increase?

  • The need for a Sim to have sex goes up over time, it will go up slower or faster depending on modifiers applied. With no modifiers, Sims will need to have sex after about 3 Sim days of time. If their arousal is not satisfied, they may become tense or "pent up", resulting in visible buffs (Unless they are disabled in the settings).

What modifiers?

Increases Rate of Arousal

    • Buff Types (For every buff of these types, the rate of decay will increase):
      • Flirty Buffs

Decreases Rate of Arousal

    • Buff Types (For every buff of these types, the rate of decay will decrease):
      • Angry
      • Scared
      • Sad
      • Sick
      • Injured
      • Embarrassed
      • Asleep

Arousal Modifiers

  • Added Arousal modifiers for moods (Arousal is multiplied by this percentage):
    • Below 100% means slower Arousal increase, Above 100% means faster Arousal increase.
    • CONFIDENT: 80%
    • SLEEPING: 100%
    • STRESSED: 80%
    • EMBARRASSED: 80%
    • FLIRTY: 150%
    • ENERGIZED: 80%
    • ANGRY: 80%
    • FOCUSED: 80%
    • HAPPY: 80%
    • BORED: 110%
    • DAZED: 110%
    • PLAYFUL: 120%
    • SAD: 30%
    • FINE: 100%
    • INSPIRED: 100%
    • POSSESSED: 200%
    • SCARED: 70%

How do you satisfy the Arousal?

  • It is rather simple to satisfy the arousal of a Sim, you simply make them engage in DD sex. Whether they are having sex alone or with another Sim, their Arousal will become satisfied (0%).


  • Encounters are dialogues that occur when another sim approaches the Active Sim to ask for sex or to rape them.
  • Instead of the Active Sim automatically accepting sex, it puts power in the player's hand so that they can choose whether to accept or decline sex (or whether to give in to a Rape or attempt to fight them off).
  • Due to Devious Desires making an effort to be inclusive to most kinks and fetishes, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure our community has the immersion they want within their Sims 4 experience.
  • Sexual Encounters may be tailored to many things between one sim to another. For example, if a Sim has a fetish for Incest [Implying the Sim likes to romance/have sex with family members] and said Sim approaches the Active Sim, an encounter may occur if the Active Sim meets the criteria for the encounter.
  • In this example this would look something like "Would you care for sex brother? You being the bottom that is?" Due to how encounters are written the possibilities are endless.
  • An extreme example can be Sim A [The one approaching the Active Sim} could have Public Sex, Orgy, and Incest as fetishes and the Active Sim must be a futanari, who is pregnant, on their birthday, during a solstice. With this criteria put in place, the Encounter can read, "I'm jealous! Since it's your birthday and the planets have aligned, Have sex with me Sister!" As I said the possibilities are endless.
  • Within the Tunings, encounters are written with the type first and foremost, followed by the question. After this an accept response and decline response must be written and put into Hexadecimal[Questions, Accept, and Decline must be in Hex]. After this the criteria for the asker must be specified such as [age, traits, fetishes, genitals and any other requirements]

The same criteria must be specified for the one being asked, within the tunings. Most importantly make sure the Unique Identifier for the Encounter is unique as well, otherwise it may be overwritten by other Encounters!

Finding Sex Animations

  • If you receive "No Animations Found", that can mean one of the following:
    • No animations with the required Special tags (Aggressive, Rough, Breast Milking, Penis Milking, Cum Eating, etc.)
    • No animations were available for the location you chose
    • No animations were available for YOUR SIMS or their combination of Sexual Organs and Sim Types.
    • If you tried to start Sex by clicking on a Sim, it means there were no animations available for ANY nearby locations (Within 30 squares)

Disable Animations

  • If there are certain Animations you don't want to see are be available, you may disable it by going through the following steps:
    • SHIFT+CLICK on the location where the animation is -> Devious Desires -> Show Available Animations
    • Navigate down to the animation you want to disable.
    • Uncheck the Animation you do not want to see.
    • The animation should now be disabled.
    • To reenable an animation, simply make it checked again.


  • With Choose Cum Location dialog disabled OR by choosing Anywhere in that dialog:
    • In order for a Sim to become pregnant, the following criteria must be met
      • Additional criteria are required to be met if using DD Milk Farm, see that mod page for details!
      • The Sim that is being impregnated must be able to become pregnant (obvious, but may as well list it)
      • The Sim that is impregnating must be able to get others pregnant (obvious, but may as well list it)
      • The impregnating Sim must be having an orgasm (Orgasm Meter at 100%)
        • To check the orgasm meter CLICK on the Sim during sex -> Orgasm Meter
      • The animation that is playing at the time of orgasm must be a Vaginal animation.
      • The animation that is playing at the time of orgasm must be flagged as Is Penetrating, Will Occur Inside, and it must apply a Cum overlay to the Vagina.
        • You may check this by SHIFT+CLICK on Sim during sex -> DD -> Customize Current Animation.
        • Upon opening this dialog, a notification will appear that you may use to determine which Actor is the one impregnating the other Sim.
          • Drill down into the Modify Actors -> Actor # -> Modify Interactions Towards Other Actors
  • With Choose Cum Location dialog enabled AND NOT choosing Anywhere in that dialog:
    • It no longer matters how an animation is setup, DD will ensure the Cum goes where you chose it to go!
    • The animation DD locates may not always be correct to where you choose the Cum to go though!
      • In order for an animation to be found for a chosen Cum location, the animation must be tagged as a Climax for that location.
      • Example: An animation that is Climax INSIDE Vagina must be tagged as CLIMAX_IN_VAGINA or an animation that is Climax INSIDE Anus must be tagged as CLIMAX_IN_ANUS
      • Even if DD does not find a correct animation, DD will still apply Cum to the location you chose.
    • Cum Location Effects:
      • In Vagina - Applying cum inside the Vagina can cause Pregnancy, Inflation (With DD Milk Farm), and Knotting (With DD Pets)
      • In Anus - Applying cum inside the Anus can cause an Anal Pregnancy (See Below), Inflation (With DD Milk Farm), and Knotting (With DD Pets)
      • In Mouth - Applying cum inside the Mouth can cause Inflation (With DD Milk Farm), and Knotting (With DD Pets)
      • On Face, Torso, Vagina, Anus - Applying cum on any of these locations will simply do just that.
    • Cum Location Tags:
      • CLIMAX - Every Climax Animation should have this tag on it!
      • CLIMAX_ON_TORSO - Cum on the Upper Chest
      • CLIMAX_ON_FACE - Cum on the Face
      • CLIMAX_IN_ANUS - Cum IN the Anus
      • CLIMAX_IN_VAGINA - Cum IN the Vagina
      • CLIMAX_IN_MOUTH - Cum IN the Mouth
      • CLIMAX_ON_ANUS - Cum ON the Anus (or it can also be interpreted as On the Butt)
      • CLIMAX_ON_VAGINA - Cum ON the Vagina (or it can also be interpreted as On the Groin/Lower Torso/Belly)
      • CLIMAX_ON_MOUTH - Cum On the Mouth (or On the Chin/Lips)
  • With DD Milk Farm installed, pregnancy during sex changes slightly.
    • In order for a Sim to impregnate another Sim, they must have the minimum required Penis Milk stored and available when they have an orgasm. This value can be changed within the DD Milk Farm settings.

Anal Pregnancy

  • Sims have the ability to become pregnant via Cum entering the Anus.
  • In order for a Sim to become pregnant via Anal, they need to meet the following criteria:
    • Sim needs to be able to Become Pregnant in their Gender Options
    • Sim needs to NOT have a Vagina. (If they have a Vagina, they get pregnant via the Vagina instead)

Sex Debug

  • See what animations are available for a given location by SHIFT+CLICK on the location (Floor or object, but not on Sims!) -> Devious Desires -> Show Available Animations.
    • The dialog will display all animations regardless of whether a feature is or is not installed!



  • Fetishes as the name implies, are what your Sim is into, or what gets them off. Every Sim can have their own preferred fetishes.
  • Many fetishes can be used in place of traits. For example, at high enjoyment levels for the various types of animal fetishes, Dog, Cat, Llama, etc. Sims can be considered Zoophiliac, without having the Zoophiliac trait.
  • Fetishes can be customized in CAS through the Likes/Dislikes menu as well.
  • All Sims will be randomly assigned up to 5 fetishes (customize in the settings) when they spawn in, if they do not already have this number of fetishes.

Enjoyment Level

  • Sims have various levels of enjoyment for a fetish. In most scenarios, in order for a Sim to be considered as having a "high enjoyment level", it usually means they need to be at the Likes It level.
    • Hates It (HATE_IT) (-75 and below)
    • Dislikes It (DISLIKE_IT) (-50 and below) - Sims will be given access to new interactions and will be allowed to autonomously Complain About and Think About this fetish negatively when they reach this level or below.
    • Does Not Enjoy It (NOT_ENJOY_IT) (-25 and below)
    • Is Not Okay With It (NOT_OKAY_WITH_IT) (-1 and below)
    • Don't Care (DONT_CARE) (0)
    • Is Okay With It (OKAY_WITH_IT) (1 and above)
    • Enjoys It (ENJOY_IT) (25 and above)
    • Likes It (LIKE_IT) (50 and above) - Sims will be given access to new interactions and will be allowed to autonomously Enthuse About and Think About this fetish positively when they reach this level or above.
    • Loves It (LOVE_IT) (75 and above)

Alter Fetish Enjoyment Levels

  • The easiest way to alter the fetishes of your Sims is via the DD Settings (For instructions on how to access these, see the Settings section above).
  • Alternatively you may SHIFT+CLICK on a Sim -> DD -> Modify Fetishes
    • Under the DD Settings you can find the Configure Fetish Enjoyment Levels setting. Each fetish enjoyment level can go from -100 (Hate It) to 100 (Love It). By default, all Sims are set to an enjoyment level of 0 (Don't Care).
  • Alternatively, you can alter fetishes by interacting with other Sims via the Enthuse About Fetish and Complain About Fetish interactions available for each fetish or by thinking about particular fetishes.
    • Enthuse About -> Click on another Sim -> DD -> Enthuse About Fetish -> Enthuse About 'Fetish'
      • If the interaction is successful, the enjoyment level of the chosen fetish will increase by about 20 points, otherwise it will increase by about 10 points, if it fails.
    • Complain About -> Click on another Sim -> DD -> Complain About Fetish -> Complain About 'Fetish'
      • If the interaction is successful, the enjoyment level of the chosen fetish will decrease by about 20 points, otherwise it will decrease by about 10 points, if it fails.
    • Think About Positive -> Click on your own Sim -> DD -> Think About Fetish (Positive) -> Think About 'Fetish' (Positive)
      • This will increase the chosen fetish enjoyment level for Your Sim by about 20 points.
    • Think About Negative -> Click on your own Sim -> DD -> Think About Fetish (Negative) -> Think About 'Fetish' (Negative)
      • This will decrease the chosen fetish enjoyment level for Your Sim by about 20 points.
  • Sims will autonomously Enthuse About and Think About (Positive) the fetish, if the level of the fetish is above 50 points.
  • Sims will autonomously Complain About and Think About (Negative) the fetish, if the level of the fetish is below -50 points.


In order for a Sim to become jealous:

  • They must not be Possessed by the strangerville fruit
  • The Free Love Neighborhood Action Plan must not be in effect
  • Jealousy must be enabled in the DD settings
  • The target Sim must be engaged in sex.
  • The sex must not be Rape or Solo
  • The Sim and the Target Sim must have one of the following relationships:
    • Are Awkward Lovers
    • Are Lovebirds
    • Are Lovers
    • Have A Romantic Interest
    • Are Soulmates
    • Are Sweethearts
    • Are Engaged
    • Had First Kiss
    • Are Getting Married
    • Are Married
    • Are Promised
    • Are Significant Others



The animations listed here are only the animations that I am aware of. There are likely to be even more available than those in this list!

Body Parts