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  • Fetishes with a description have been implemented, fetishes without a description have not.
  • Pet Play
    • Sims with this fetish either enjoy owning/managing Human Pets or being owned/managed by Human Sims as Human Pets.


  • Human Sims can be owned by other Human Sims as Human Pets.


  • Leashing
    • Human Sims can Leash other Human Sims and walk around with them as they would an Animal Sim.
    • Leashed Sims will an actual leash going to their neck.
    • Leashed Sims will wear a collar while leashed.

Current Known Issues


  • The Sim that is leashed will walk like they normally would
  • If your Sim leashes a Sim and that Sim leashes your Sim, an error will occur. (Infinite Loop as far as the game knows)



The animations listed here are only the animations that I am aware of. There are likely to be even more available than those in this list!