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  • All Animal Sims that take part in this mod should be considered as consenting adults. This mod provides Animal Sims the ability to Want or not Want Sex and should they choose, they may decline it from those who ask. If an Animal Sim becomes involved in a sexual act, it should not be considered as abuse, since in this fantasy world, they have the intelligence and ability to give their consent for it.
  • DD Pets will only enable its features for Adult and Elder Animal Sims. Devious Desires and DD Pets does not support mods that alter or add to the described ages of Animal Sims and thus should not be liable or responsible for such content.
  • Everything in this mod is a work of fiction. Bestiality is not the same as Zoophilia. Bestiality is illegal, Zoophilia is not.
    • Bestiality - Sex with real living, breathing, Animals
    • Zoophilia - Arousal caused by seeing Animals or by seeing others having sex with Animals.
  • Animal Sims in The Sims 4 are not and never will be real living, breathing, animals.
  • Since Animal Sims are not real, no animal abuse should be considered as occurring.
  • If you think this mod may lead to real animal abuse, there are no correlations between someone doing something in a video game and them also doing it in real life.
  • If a person does do any actions performed in the game, in real life, it should not be considered as being caused by their use of this mod.



  • Fetishes with a description have been implemented, fetishes without a description have not.
  • Insectophilia (Not Implemented)
  • Zoophilia (Implemented)
    • Can be used in place of the Zoophilia trait.
    • If a Sim also has a high enjoyment in the Submission fetish, they may also be considered a Pack Bitch.


  • Sex, Nudity, and Romance for Animal Sims.


  • Enables Sex and Sex Autonomy for both Animal Sim x Human Sim, and Animal Sim x Animal Sim. (Both Player and NPC Sims)
  • Knotting
  • Gender Options
    • Animal Sims utilize new Gender Options, you can have Futanari and Cuntboy Animal Sims now!
    • Male Animal Sims may also become pregnant and Female Animal Sims may get other Sims pregnant using these new gender options!
  • Nudity
  • Pregnancy
    • Animal Sim/Human Sim Hybrid pregnancies
      • Human Sims can birth Animal Sims.
      • Animal Sims can birth Human Sims.
    • Contraceptives
      • Animal Treats bought from Vet Clinics that can prevent pregnancies in Animal Sims.
    • Animal Sim/Animal Sim pregnancies
  • Traits
    • Zoophiliac - Indicates a Sim is willing to have sex with Animal Sims.
    • Pack Bitch - Makes a Sim more likely to have sex with Animal Sims and more likely to become pregnant with hybrid Animal babies.
    • Knotted Penis - Large Dogs, Small Dogs, and Foxes all have a knotted penis, which they may use to Knot other Sims during sex.
  • Relationships
    • Custom Romance Track between Human Sims and Animal Sims
    • Romance interactions between Human Sims and Animal Sims
      • Also autonomous (If a Sim is a Zoophiliac or if they are at Love enjoyment level in the Zoophilia Fetish)
  • Works with AOM Selectable Pets
    • With an Animal as your active Sim, you may initiate sex with other Animal Sims or even Human Sims

Planned Features

  • Romance
    • Human Sims marry Animal Sims
      • Animal Sims marry other Animal Sims?
    • Add romantic Kiss/Hug interactions for Small Animal and Cats to pick them up automatically without having to pick them up before being able to do said interactions.
    • Figure out how to make the romance bar Purple/Pink (Like the Human Sim to Human Sim romance bar is, in vanilla) instead of Green.
  • DD Milk Farm Integration
    • Animal Breasts/Nipple CAS Parts
      • These would basically be the CHEST part for them and should have this BodyType set on the CAS Part.
    • Breastfeed from Animal Sims (Need animations for this to even be possible in the first place!)
    • Human Sims breastfeed hybrid Animal Sims
      • It'd basically be Human Sim and Puppy/Kitten, but shouldn't be seen as sex! The plan is that it'd be a casual breastfeeding. Treated exactly the same as how in vanilla Sims can breast feed babies.
  • Hybrid Sims (Human/Animal parents)
    • Custom Occult Type
      • Get Sick less often (Due to glands in the mouth that disinfect foods)
      • More sensitive to smell (Bad smells have a bigger effect on them)
      • Can eat spoiled foods without feeling nauseous
      • Better Athletics (Faster Fitness gain)
    • Add accessories
      • Ears
      • Tail
      • Whiskers [FINISHED]
      • Tail, Ears, and Whiskers, display and are selectable in equipment selector
    • Custom Penis for Human hybrids
      • Knotted Canine Penis
      • Feline Penis
    • Pregnancies
      • If a hybrid "human" Sim is impregnated by a Human Sim or a hybrid "animal" Sim is impregnated by a Animal Sim, they can produce Animal Sims without a Animal and Human Sims without a Human being involved, thus producing another Hybrid.
  • Traits
    • Animal Lover
    • Pack Alpha (Not sure if Animal Sims even have reward traits, considering you cannot select them and they do not have whims to gain reward points from)
      • An Animal Sim will more likely have sex with a female sim
      • Female Animal Sims are more likely to have sex with Human Sims with this trait.
      • Female Animal Sims are more likely to become pregnant with hybrid human offspring when having sex with Pack Alpha Human Sims.
      • Female Animal Sims are more likely to birth multiple babies after becoming pregnant from Human Sims with this trait.
  • Knotting
    • After Knotting, make Human Sims pass out and produce a puddle. In a similar manner to how Vampires can cause a Sim to pass out.
    • Have Animal Sims be able to "pull" Human Sims around while knotted. (I'm not sure how feasible this is)
    • Add overlays to Sims while they are being knotted depending on their satisfaction.
      • Tears
      • Blush
      • Heart Eyes
  • Buffs
    • Woohooed With Animal Sim
  • Birth
    • Give birth at the Hospital
    • Give birth on the operating table.
  • Interactions
    • Encourage Animal Sims to have sex with each other (Similar to the Encourage to Woohoo interaction in vanilla)


  • Traits
    • Zoophiliac
      • This is the cheat way, the immersive way is to raise the enjoyment level of Zoophilia within a Sim via the Enthuse/Think About interactions.
      • Add the Zoophiliac Trait via SHIFT+CLICK on a Sim -> Devious Desires -> Traits -> Add -> Add Zoophiliac Trait
      • If you manually make a Human Sim have sex with an Animal Sim, they will automatically receive the Zoophiliac Trait
  • Human Sim to Animal Sim Romance
    • Small Dogs and Cats must be picked up before any romance interactions appear
    • Large Dogs can be romanced without picking them up.
    • Your Sim and the Animal must meet the following requirements:
      • The Human Sim and Animal Sim must have a Friendship relationship at the Friends level or Above
      • The Animal Is a Large Dog (or if they are a Small Dog, they must be picked up/in your arms)
      • Target is not having their socials suppressed (Via a suppression buff)
      • The Human Sim has the Zoophiliac Trait OR they are at the Love enjoyment level of the Zoophilia fetish)
      • The animal must not be laying down or sitting.
      • The animal must not have a Cone Of Shame.



  • In order to begin romance with an Animal Sim, your Human Sim must be at 30% Friendship level with that Animal Sim.
  • Once the required friendship level is reached, your Sim can perform various romantic interactions when clicking on them, located under the Romance pie menu.
  • To do romantic interactions with Small Dogs or Cats, your Sim must pick them up first. After they are carrying them, the romance interactions will become available.


Human Sim/Animal Sim Sex

  • In order for a Human Sim to have Sex with an Animal Sim, the Human Sim needs to be Romantic at least 30% of the bar.
  • To become romantic with an Animal Sim, your Sim needs at least 30% Friendship.
  • After achieving the required friendship level, new interactions under Romance will become available, such as Embrace, Kiss, and Hug Lovingly.
  • Once your Sim reaches the required Romance level, the Have Sex interaction will then become available under Romance.

Sex Autonomy

  • The criteria for Autonomous Sex is the exact same as described on the DD General page. Including the part about at least 30% romance.
  • The only difference is that the Sim must be a Zoophiliac in order to autonomously try it.


  • If a Sim with a Knot on their Penis has an orgasm during sex, then a Knotting will occur and the Sim they are knotting will receive a buff both during and after the knotting (Depending on whether they pulled out early or not).
  • All of the criteria that Pregnancy requires must be met as well, see the DD General page on pregnancy for more details!


  • When an Animal Sim impregnates a Human Sim or vice verse, the offspring may come out as either another Animal Sim or a Human Sim.


  • Animal Sims have their own form of contraceptives that can be fed to them in treat form.
    • Animal Sim contraceptives can be bought from the Vet Clinic vending machines by visiting your local vet.

Current Known Issues

None so far



The animations listed here are only the animations that I am aware of. There are likely to be even more available than those in this list!