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  • Allows you to customize animations to be however you like. It also allows you to share your customizations with the community.
  • Animation Customization exists because Animators do not properly tag their animations in most cases. It is also used to tag animations for specific animation types, such as Breast Milking, Penis Milking, and Rough Sex just to name a few.


  • Customize Animations however you like:
    • Customize the tags, and other things of animations
  • Customize Animation actors however you like:
    • Customize the require sexual organs, tags, applied overlays and much more of Actors
  • Bulk Customization Operations
    • There are various bulk operations you may use to tag many animations at once, these are located at the top of each Animation Customization dialog.
      • Set Animations To Aggressive/Rough/Breastfeeding/Penisfeeding/Milking
      • Tag Animations With Top/Bottom
      • Clear Aggressive/Rough/Breastfeeding/Penisfeeding/Milking Tags
      • Tag Animations As Can Cause Pregnancy

Tag References

Installing Customizations

  • In order to install a customization provided by someone else, first download their customization json. If it is named `my_own_customizations.json` rename it to something unique!!!
  • Within your The Sims 4/ folder, navigate into "mod_data/deviousdesires/animation_customizations" and drop the downloaded customization into that folder. Simple as that!
  • Now boot up the game and enjoy your customized animations.

Customizing An Animation

  • There are a few ways you can customize animations
    • During Sex: SHIFT+CLICK on one of the Sims -> DD -> Customize Current Animation
    • Outside Sex: SHIFT+CLICK on an Object or the Floor -> DD -> Customize Animations
    • Anytime: SHIFT+CLICK on Sim -> DD -> Customize All Animations
  • When you close the customization dialog, your customizations will be saved to "The Sims 4/mod_data/deviousdesires/animation_customizations/my_own_customizations.json
  • In order to share your file, rename the file to something unique, then upload it somewhere for others to download.
  • If you wish to install a customization file from other people, simply download their json file and drop it into "The Sims 4/mod_data/deviousdesires/animation_customizations" folder and it will be loaded.
    • Animation customizations are loaded in alphabetical order (or reverse alphabetical order if you are on a Mac)

Bulk Customization

  • In order to bulk customize many animations at once, simply do the same steps that you would when customizing a single animation and at the top of each dialog, you should notice one of the follow (Choose one):
    • Bulk Customize All Animations - Will "select" all of the animations and go straight to choosing the operation as seen below.
    • Bulk Customize All Animations For This Author - Will "select" all of the animations for the currently selected author and go straight to choosing the operation as seen below.
    • Bulk Customize - Will open a separate dialog where you may pick and choose which animations to run operations on.
      • In the next dialog it should show you a list of all animations. Pick whichever animations you want to bulk customize, then hit the Checkmark at the bottom to submit your selection.
  • Next choose an operation you want to perform on all of the animations you selected.
  • Once you confirm the operation, all of the selected animations will have the operation performed on them.

Tips & Guidelines

  • When modifying the sexual organs of Actors, do not use them to show "Dom" or "Sub" roles, these are explicitly to tell the mod what sexual organs a Sim must have in order to take the slot, not whether they prefer Top or Bottom. Use the Dom/Sub, Aggress/Non-Aggressor, and Giver/Receiver tags for these instead!
    • To allow a Sim with any variation of sexual organs to take a slot, remove all required sexual organs.
    • If Actor 0 requires a Penis and a Vagina, then a Sim must have both a Penis and a Vagina in order to take that slot.
  • It is recommended in EVERY animation (At least those involving some form of sex), that you tag an Actor as either a Giver or a Receiver (Do not flag an Actor as both, it confuses everything)
  • If an animation does not make sense to have a Vagina or a Penis, do not set those as being required.
  • It is recommended in EVERY animation (At least those involving some form of sex), that you add or modify the Actions of each actor to be things that make sense (i.e. If Sim A is penetrating Sim B visually, then they should also have an action that states this is what they are doing), this is so that the Orgasm feature, Pregnancy, and Inflation, etc. work properly in DD.


  • In order for a pregnancy and inflation (See DD Milk Farm) to occur, the following criteria must be met:
    • Sim A must be performing an action to Sim B that is Penetrating AND Will Occur Inside
    • Sim A must be performing an action to Sim B that will apply a Cum Overlay to the Vagina

How Do I Share My Customizations?

  • Animation Customization
    • SHIFT+CLICK on a Sim -> Devious Desires -> Customize Animations or SHIFT+CLICK on a Sim engaged in sex -> Devious Desires -> Customize Current Animation
      • Update animations however you want.
      • After closing the dialog, the animations will go through a process of updating, this may take some time, during which playing animations will be unavailable!
      • You will get another notification telling you when it has finished updating. This process takes longer the more animations you have!
      • Animation Customizations save at the following location "The Sims 4/mod_data/deviousdesires/animation_customizations/my_own_customizations.json"
      • When uploading this file to make it available for everyone else to use, please rename it to something unique to you! Do not name it "my_own_customizations.json", "main.json", or "combined.json"!
      • In order for your changes to persist, ensure you Save the Game after closing the animation customization dialog!
  • Disable Animations
    • If you want to disable animations you don't want your Sims performing, you may do so by following these steps:
      • SHIFT+CLICK on the location with the animation you wish to disable -> Devious Desires -> Show Available Animations.
      • All enabled and disabled animations will show in this menu, if you wish to disable an animation, simply uncheck it.
      • Save the game after configuring which animations you want disabled in order for your changes to persist!
      • Animations are disabled globally, so if you disable an animation on one save, it will be disabled for all saves, including new games!


  • Where do I put main.json at?
    • You don't put it anywhere. Drag the folder containing it (Yes, the mod_data folder) into your The Sims 4/ folder and don't modify the folder structure at all.
  • How do I flag an animation as Gay or Straight?
    • You don't. DD does not have a concept of Gay or Straight, because DD does not consider a Penis + Penis to be Gay and neither should you. What you CAN do is tag animations with preference roles instead. Take a look at Animation Actor Tags for more details.
  • WW already has Animation Overrides, why did you implement this feature?
    • WW implemented the Animation Overrides feature AFTER they saw its success in DD, I do not plan to incorporate anything from this stolen idea into DD (The code may not be stolen, but the idea certainly is). Use the already existing Animation Customizations feature that DD provides instead.
  • DD does not use the customizations made via Animation Overrides from WW!
    • Good, there are no plans to utilize customizations made using the stolen idea that is Animation Overrides. Please use Animation Customizations instead.
  • WW has a FORCED tag to flag Rape animations, are you going to incorporate this tag into DD?
    • It already is "incorporated", in other words it is being translated into the AGGRESSIVE tag instead. WW may call it "roleplay", but we all know the truth.