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The content in this article is intended for Mature Adults Only and may feature topics which may be uncomfortable for some viewers.
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  • Devious Desires is a Hentai mod and contains Adult Themes that many may find disturbing. A few examples include but are not limited to Incest, Exhibitionism, and Cheating.
  • All involved Sims Teen and Above both Human and Animal are considered to be consenting adults ages 18 and up. Regardless of what anyone else tells you, this is how DD treats these Sims.
  • Devious Desires does not endorse and is not responsible for any of the acts seen or performed by its users.
  • Devious Desires is a Hentai mod above all, if you cannot handle Hentai, then Devious Desires is not the mod for you.
  • By reading through this wiki, you agree that you will not insult or degrade the mod or any users of the mod by attempting to hack them, get them banned from various places, or by spreading misinformation about the contents of Devious Desires. If you cannot leave your bias at the door and be respectful to fetishes you cannot understand, this mod is not for you.
  • Devious Desires contains many fetishes that could be considered illegal, if they were to be performed in real life to or around real people. Please do not perform any actions depicted within the mod in real life.
  • Devious Desires is meant as an outlet and alternative to performing these acts in real life, it should not be seen as enabling or encouraging users to perform these actions in real life.
  • Attempting to remove this mod from the Sims 4 Community will be seen as an act to enable and encourage the users to satisfy their urges in real life, which could lead to harm of persons, animals, or property. If a person does perform any acts depicted within this mod in real life, the incident should be considered as purely coincidental and Devious Desires is not liable, responsible, nor the cause of said act.
  • Devious Desires does not condone nor support any adult content made for Sims below the age of Teen. Devious Desires is not liable nor responsible for any content made as an addon or extension of the existing Devious Desires functionality.


Devious Desires is an NSFW mod created for The Sims 4 that is intended to replicate the functionality of the mod made for The Sims 3 called Kinky World. Devious Desires is designed to be extensible and modular. What this means is if certain features are unwanted, their respective package files NEED NOT be installed in the Mods folder.


To learn more about the Main features of DD take a look at DD General, for information about modules for DD, take a look at the various Module pages.


  • For a list of features, take a look at each of the pages in the Directory below. The features for each part of the mod are located on their respective pages.






Alternative Download Locations




Convert Wicked Whims snippets to Devious Desires snippets


How to access the Devious Desires settings

  • Using the Mod Settings Menu mod, first enable testing cheats by opening the console with CTRL+SHIFT+C, then typing "testingcheats on" and hitting enter.
    • You may then access the settings of Devious Desires by doing the following: SHIFT+CLICK on a Sim -> Configure Mod Settings -> DD Settings


Install Videos:

Install Text Guide (With Pictures):

1. First navigate to your MOD DIRECTORY folder. [C:\Users\Name\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods]

2. Create a folder in your Mods folder and name it "ColonolNutty mods"

3. Ensure you have Sims 4 Community Library and Mod Setting Menu Installed. If they ARE NOT installed, download them from their respective sources and drag the files from their archives into the folder we named ColonolNutty mods.

  • Sims 4 Community Library should have files [sims4communitylib.ts4script] and [sims4communitylib.package]
  • Mod Settings Menu should have files [sims4modsettingsmenu.ts4script] and [sims4modsettingsmenu.package]
  • Ts4script files must be either top level or one folder deep inside the Mods folder.

5. Add the Devious Desires ts4script files in the ColonolNutty mods folder we created from the Main Download

6. Next add the Devious Desires Package file in your Mods folder. [If you want to have features such as Pets, Milk Farm, and Kinky, place their corresponding package files from Modules Download into the Mods folder as well]

7. At this point Devious Desires Should be 100% Functional. Any further issues from this point can be inquired about on our Discord or in the support threads of the websites Devious Desires can be acquired from.

8. If you install DD Milk Farm is is recommended that you also install Custom Slider Framework (CSF) to see Breast and Testicle scaling. You may locate it on The Sims 4 Nexus.

Current Known Issues

Animation Issues

  • Sims who are currently at work can be selected for sex for some reason.


  • Can I install both Devious Desires and Wicked Whims together?
    • No
  • Will you make it so I can install both Devious Desires and Wicked Whims together?
    • No, and you can go fuck yourself.
  • Some of my animations are not loading, why is that?
    • I wouldn't worry about it. The reason they are not loaded could be for any number of reasons:
      • Their snippet could be missing vital pieces of information
      • Their snippet could be written incorrectly
      • You could have duplicate installations of animations or animation authors have duplicates listed in their animation files
    • Most of the time it isn't caused by user error.
  • I am trying to get my Sim to have sex with another Sim, but the other Sim keeps declining!
    • This means that the other Sim is probably not in the mood, maybe try cheering them up first.
  • My Sims won't stop having sex all the time! The mod is broken!
    • Autonomy is entirely based off of the Arousal of Sims. If Sims are having sex "non-stop", it is because of their Arousal. Click on Sim -> Info -> Arousal: % Sims will autonomously start looking for sex at about 75% and above.
  • Devious Desires is throwing a ton of errors! How do I fix it?!
    • This can mean any number of things are happening, but here are a list of common fixes:
      • Install Sims 4 Community Library
      • Update Sims 4 Community Library
      • Remove duplicate installations of Sims 4 Community Library
      • Remove duplicate installations of Devious Desires
      • Remove Sims 4 Community Library, then readd it (The Sims 4 likes to cache things sometimes)
      • Remove Devious Desires, then readd it (The Sims 4 likes to cache things sometimes)
  • My Sim is not getting erect during sex!
    • There are a couple fixes:
      • Install a third party body as specified in the requirements.
      • Select a Hard Penis within the DD Body Part Selector
      • Remove Wicked Whims
  • The WW <insert feature here> isn't working in DD sex!
    • I do not plan to incorporate anything WW related into DD. There may be similar features, but anything that comes with WW will not be utilized.
  • You should use WW <insert feature here> in DD!
    • No, see above.
  • My Animation Overrides from WW are not applying to DD animations!
    • WW implemented the Animation Overrides feature AFTER they saw its success in DD, I do not plan to incorporate anything from this stolen idea into DD (The code may not be stolen, but the idea certainly is). Use the already existing Animation Customizations feature that DD provides instead.
  • The WW <insert feature here> breaks when DD is installed!
    • DD does not modify anything within WW, if something in WW is breaking, it is entirely because of another mod in your Mods folder. You can test this by removing everything from your mods folder (Yes, everything, including all CC) and putting only DD S4CL and WW back in.
  • I can't see the settings! Where are they?!
    • In order to see the settings, you need to install Mod Settings Menu as specified in the Requirements above.
  • I have MSM, but the settings are not showing under the Devious Desires Pie menu!
    • This is because MSM is not associated with Devious Desires directly, it is entirely its own thing, similar to MCM for Skyrim.
    • MSM has its own interaction named Configure Mod Settings, which appears top level.
      • Within that menu you may find DD Settings (As well as the settings for many of my other mods)
  • I don't see a Configure Mod Settings interaction!
    • Make sure you enable testing cheats: CTRL+SHIFT+C -> Enter "testingcheats on" into the console.
  • I still don't see Configure Mod Settings!
    • SHIFT+CLICK on a Sim -> Configure Mod Settings
  • I can't find Configure Mod Settings still!