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Sims 4 Community Library is a mod created for The Sims 4. It is more of an API than a mod itself. It does nothing on its own and is meant as a framework for other Sims 4 developers to utilize in their own code bases.


A Short List Of Current Features (Not all features are listed here!): For a complete list of features and utilities, check out the documentation

  • A vast library of Vanilla Tuning identifiers for easy retrieval
  • Logging
  • Exception Handling
  • Custom Dialogs
  • Custom Notifications
  • Custom Interactions
  • Custom Icons
  • Event Handling (Creating, Dispatching, and Listening)
  • Miscellaneous Utilities
  • Manipulate Sims, Objects,. the Weather, the Terrain, the UI, and many more!
  • Test Framework
    • Write and run tests (Can be run from within the game)

Workflow For Modders

  • Create a project based off of the Template Project - (Project Setup)
  • Use the green button in the top right The Main Page to download this project as a zip file.
  • In your project, create another directory called `S4CL`.
  • Open the downloaded project and copy the `Scripts/sims4communitylib` folder into the `S4CL` folder we created in the previous step. The folder structure should then be: `<Your Project>/S4CL/sims4communitylib`
  • Right click the `S4CL` folder -> Mark Directory as -> Sources Root
    • The `S4CL` folder should turn a blue color and the `sims4communitylib` folder should look like a folder with a dot (In other words, it should NOT be blue).
  • Your folder structure should look like this: `<Your Project>/S4CL/sims4communitylib` at this point.
  • Ensure you list in the description of your mod a link to the GitHub releases (You may even link a specific release to ensure compatibility.)
  • Ensure you properly attribute S4CL and its author according to the license located at the bottom of this readme.
  • In order to prevent users from accidentally installing multiple copies of S4CL into their Mods folder, it is preferred to redirect the users of your mod to download S4CL from either the GitHub repository or releases pages instead of bundling it with your mod.


  • Download the latest zip archive from the releases page (It is the one with the version number in it Example: (Ignore the ones that say Source Code)
  • Unpack the archive using your favorite archiving tool.
  • Drag the files/folders to your Mods directory.
  • Keep in mind the ts4script file MUST be either top level (Directly in the Mods/folder) or one folder deep (Mods/Blah/). Any deeper and it will not work.




The Sims 4 Community Library is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International public license (CC BY 4.0).

Copyright (c) COLONOLNUTTY