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  • Provides the ability to enslave Sims, train them, and sell them to other Sims.



  • Enslave Sims (Teen through Elder for both Master and Slave only!)
    • Autonomy
      • Improved Needs Tending
        • Slaves have an increased awareness of their own needs (Hunger, Energy, etc.) and will tend to them as soon as they reach around -50 in value.
          • Slaves have increased autonomy to tend to the following needs.
            • Hunger
            • Energy
            • Bladder
            • Hygiene
      • Slaves will do various autonomous actions around the house.
        • Gardening
          • Slaves will water and tend to any garden plants.
        • Repair
          • Slaves will repair broken objects as well as fix broken Servo Sims
        • Clean
          • Slaves will clean messes, mop puddles, and clean dirty objects.
    • Task Scheduling
      • You may schedule a Slave to perform any type of task (excluding social interactions) on a daily basis at any time of the day.
      • Scheduled tasks may be updated and/or modified.
    • Obedience
      • Slaves will low obedience will be more likely to perform Mischievous and Mean interactions and sell for less than normal.
      • Slaves with a high obedience may discipline, train, and mentor other Slaves autonomously, they also sell for loads more money.
      • Discipline and train Slaves to increase their Obedience.
    • Slave Auction/Slave Selling
      • Mark A Slave For Sale
      • Make an Offer to NPCs to buy your Slave
      • Buyer Profiles
        • NPCs are given a Buyer Profile that determines which Slaves they are looking for. This changes the price they will pay as well as their chance to buy.
        • Custom Buyer Profiles may be added to Sim Snatcher via Tuning Snippets.
      • Sold Slaves appear at the household of the NPCs that own them.
    • Allowances
      • Slaves may be blocked entirely from performing specific types of interactions such as cooking, having fun, taking showers, etc.
    • Misc
      • Assign Beds To Slaves
      • Slaves can be ordered/controlled by anyone in the Household of their Master
      • Open Slave Inventory, objects in their inventory become owned by the Household that owns them.
      • Lock/Unlock doors for Slaves
      • Set Spawn Locations for Slaves
      • Purchase Satisfaction Rewards for Slaves.
  • Restraints
    • Restrain Sims using various restraints. Sims may be restrained in place.


  • Using Mod Settings Menu, SHIFT+CLICK on a Sim -> Configure Mod Settings -> Sim Snatcher Settings

How To Enslave Sims?

  • Click on a Sim that is not a part of your Household -> Sim Snatcher -> Slavery -> Attempt To Enslave.
    • Success chance is based on a single percentage check, which can be modified in the settings.


  • To train the obedience of a Slave you can do so in a couple of ways:
  • Sims that obey commands they are given or that autonomously perform a task (scheduled or not) (Repair, Gardening, etc.) will slowly gain obedience over time.
    • Discipline them when they refuse an order.
      • When you give an order to your Slave and they refuse to do it or you scheduled a task for them to do and they refused to do it at the specified time, you may discipline the Slave
      • Click on the Slave -> Sim Snatcher -> Discipline Recent Behavior -> Yell At For Disobeying Order.
    • Train them
      • This may be done at any time, but is ineffective when done over and over again.
      • Click on the Slave -> Sim Snatcher -> Train Obedience
      • The Sim that owns the Slave may train the Slave in Obedience autonomously as well!
  • A higher obedience will give the following:
    • Make the Slave more likely to accept an order or perform a scheduled task.
    • Enable your Sim to ask them to do more interactions.
    • Allow your Sim to view and modify their inventory.
    • Increases sell price when selling them to other Sims.
    • Increased chance for other Sims to buy them.
  • The higher the obedience of a Slave, the more tasks you may ask them to do, they will even be allowed to train and discipline your other Slaves autonomously.

Obedience Levels

  • Check obedience levels: Click on Slave Sim -> Sim Snatcher -> View Obedience
  • Petty Slave (Obedience Levels 0-2):
    • Will use Mean and Mischief interactions quite often
    • Will be worth little to no money when trying to sell them to Buyers
    • There is a low to zero chance for a Buyer to buy them.
    • Petty Slaves won't listen to their master at all or rarely.
  • Lesser Slave (Obedience Levels 3-4):
    • They will still use Mean and Mischief interactions but not as often.
    • Will be worth more than Petty slaves but still not the full price of a Common Slave.
    • Buyers will be less inclined to buy these Slaves over Common Slaves.
    • They will autonomously perform various Jobs around the house depending on what Tasks you allow them. (i.e. Gardening, Repair, Cleaning)
  • Common Slave (Obedience Levels 5-6):
    • They will obey all orders given to them.
    • They will no longer do Mean interactions autonomously.
    • They will still perform Mischief interactions, but not as often.
    • Can open their inventory and take things from it or put things into it.
    • Will be worth their full price and Buyers will have no problem buying these Slaves.
    • They will autonomously perform various Jobs around the house depending on what Tasks you allow them. (i.e. Gardening, Repair, Cleaning)
  • Greater Slave (Obedience Levels 7-9):
    • They will no longer do Mischief interactions autonomously.
    • They are worth a higher value than full price and Buyers will be more inclined to buy them from you.
    • They can be ordered to amuse guests (Play instruments, Make drinks, Tell Jokes, etc.)
    • Can open their inventory and take things from it or put things into it.
    • If a Sim is being mean to their Master Sim, these Slaves will attempt to defend their master by getting into a fight with the Sim who was mean to their Master.
    • They will autonomously perform various Jobs around the house depending on what Tasks you allow them. (i.e. Gardening, Repair, Cleaning)
  • Grand Slave (Obedience Level 10):
    • These Slaves are worth double the amount of Simoleons.
    • Buyers are extremely likely to buy these Slaves.
    • They can be ordered to amuse guests (Play instruments, Make drinks, Tell Jokes, etc.)
    • Can open their inventory and take things from it or put things into it.
    • They will autonomously attempt to Mentor Sims around them.
    • They will autonomously discipline Slaves that are being disobedient.
    • If a Sim is being mean to their Master Sim, these Slaves will attempt to defend their master by getting into a fight with the Sim who was mean to their Master.
    • They will autonomously perform various Jobs around the house depending on what Tasks you allow them. (i.e. Gardening, Repair, Cleaning, Train Other Slaves In Obedience)

Task Scheduling

  • Scheduled tasks will only work with the objects they were scheduled to use, if the scheduled object is deleted (moving it to another spot is fine), they will be unable to perform the scheduled task.
  • To Schedule A Task:
    • Click on an Object -> Sim Snatcher -> Schedule Slave Task
      • Choose a Sim to schedule a task for.
      • Choose an interaction for the Slave to perform
      • Enter a time of day the Slave will perform the task. This task will be performed daily (or not performed, with low obedience)
      • Submit the time.
  • To Modify or Delete a Scheduled Task:
    • Click on Slave with tasks -> Sim Snatcher -> View Scheduled Tasks
      • Modify or delete the tasks assigned to them.
  • Known Issues:
    • When trying to schedule a task on an object that is on a different floor, the Sim will fail to do it. In this case you should move your Sim to the floor the Object is on and try again.

Slave Auction

  • Mark a Slave as being For Sale
    • Click on Slave -> Sim Snatcher -> Slavery -> Management -> Mark For Sale
  • Offer to sell to NPCs (Excluding household members and Slaves)
    • Click on Sim -> Sim Snatcher -> Slavery -> Offer To Sell Slave
      • Choose a Slave to sell.
      • Wait to see if the Sim will buy your Slave.
  • The chance for the Sim to buy your Slave and the price they will buy at is based on a number of factors:
    • The Buying Sims Buyer Profile
      • Each buyer is looking for specific skills and traits
      • They are also NOT looking for some traits as well.
    • Obedience level of the Slave you are selling
      • Common Slaves sell at a normal chance and for full price.
      • Higher Obedience level slaves such as Greater and Grand will sell at a higher chance as well as for a higher price than full.
  • To view the profile of a Buyer
    • Have a Slave marked as being For Sale.
    • Click on NPC Sims (Excluding household members and Slaves) -> Sim Snatcher -> View Buyer Profile

Misc Interactions

  • Ask who owns a Slave.
    • Click on Slave -> Sim Snatcher -> Ask Who Master Is
  • Ask what Slaves a Sim owns.
    • Click on Master Sim -> Sim Snatcher -> Ask Who Their Slaves Are
  • Lock/Unlock doors for Slaves
    • Lock
      • Click on Door -> Lock For Slaves
    • Unlock
      • Any of the vanilla interactions to unlock the door normally may be used.

Slave Upgrades

  • Satisfaction Rewards
    • A Slave may earn Satisfaction Reward points when they are obedience and obey orders given by their master.
    • The Master may spend Satisfaction Reward points for their Slaves from their phone.

Motive Autonomy

  • While a Sim is enslaved they have a greater aptitude (Better than vanilla taking care of them) for taking care of their needs using various objects around the house.
  • All autonomous interactions are triggered when the Slave reaches about -50 (In the red) in a particular motive.
    • Hunger
      • When a Slave is hungry, they will search for food in the following order:
        • Grab or pick up a plate of food that is sitting out and ready to eat.
        • Grab leftovers from the fridge (If there are some available)
        • Resume any food left out that is unprepared.
        • Start cooking from the fridge (Vegetarian Slaves will only prepare vegetarian meals for themselves)
    • Energy
      • When a Slave is tired, they will search for a place to sleep in the following order:
        • Any assigned bed will have top priority.
        • They will sleep in any bed (They will not "sleep" on benches, also known as "nap")
    • Bladder
      • When a Slave needs to use the bathroom, they will search for a place to use it. No custom priorities for this one.
    • Hygiene
      • When a Slave needs is dirty, they will search for a place to clean up. No custom priorities for this one.

Public Slave Trading

  • With Sim Snatcher, you can trade a Slave with other Sims 4 players via a Slave Broker.
  • Call the Slave Broker from your Sims phone. (Teen Sims shouldn't call them if they are grounded and can't use their phones!)
  • Once the Slave Broker arrives, you can then ask to either buy Slaves or you can Ask the Slave Broker to appraise your Slaves.
  • See below for services the Slave Broker provides.
  • Once you are finished using the Slave Broker services, simply Dismiss them as you would any other Service NPC.

Slave Broker Appraisal

  • Once the Slave Broker appraises your Slave, they will give a price they will buy them for.
  • The price varies depending on which Buyer Profile the Slave Broker has been assigned.
  • After the Slave is sold, they will promptly leave the lot and be deleted from the game. Don't worry though, they can always be bought back from the Slave Broker if you choose.

Slave Broker Buying

  • To buy a Slave from the Slave Broker ask them to see their available Slaves.
    • The available Slaves is taken directly from your "Mods/mod_data/simsnatcher/slave_market_available_slaves" folder.
      • You can download and install Slave files without restarting your game (Though you may need to restart for any CC they come with!)

SS Downloads

Planned Features

  • Slave Auction
    • Buy Slaves from NPCs
      • NPCs will become owners of randomly generated slaves. (Allow neighborhood Sims to be their Slaves instead?)
    • Sell Slaves on a Retail lot
    • Rent Slaves to perform tasks on your own lot for awhile.
      • Rented Slaves are limited
        • No scheduling daily tasks
        • No releasing the slave
        • No training their obedience
  • Order To
    • Order to let the ordering Sim Drink Blood from them, if the Sim ordering is a Vampire.
    • Order a Sim to Drink Blood Of Self, if the Target Sim is a Vampire (and the Sim ordering is not a vampire)
  • Hierarchy
    • Task Master/Mistress
      • Appointable when Obedience is 10
      • Manages Slaves training & accountability
    • Slave Handler
      • Appointable when Obedience is 75
      • Can be ordered to oversee specific slaves
      • Prevent Slaves from escaping
      • Increases Slave Obedience
  • Obedience
    • Cleaning
    • Gardening
    • Repairing
      • Upgrading?
    • Caregiving
      • Feeding
      • Bathing
      • Skill Training
    • Maybe some others
  • Slave Skills:
    • Cleaning
    • Laundry
    • Slave Cooking (Separate from the normal cooking)
    • Caregiving
      • Feeding
      • Bathing
      • Skill Training
      • Pet Care
    • Gardening
    • Obedience Level gain points in over time or by performing interactions.
    • Ordering Slaves to do certain tasks will improve their skills in that area.
  • Slaves can attempt to escape if treated poorly
    • Low need levels
    • Negative Friendship Levels
    • Arguments
    • Are not bound by leg restraints.
  • Steal your stuff when you are not looking
    • Profit
      • Sell Slaves to other Sims
  • Debug:
    • Add a way to set obedience levels of Slaves
    • Add a way to set skill levels of Slaves
    • Add a way to trigger a slave escape attempt manually