Game World Functions for CM

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This page contains a list of commands and functionality that may be performed on Sims via Control Menu



  • Set Clock Speed - This command will allow you to set how many milliseconds of Sim time will pass per Real Second. (1000 Milliseconds = 1 Real Second)
    • After using this command, Time may jump forward or backwards and the Motives of Sims may drop to dangerous levels, be careful with this command!
    • Setting this value low may make the clock run at sonic speeds (Any value below 25 will increase the speed)
    • The animations of Sims will not be effected by the clock speed change, but motives will!
  • Set Clock Speed Scale - A multiplier that will alter how fast or how slow the Game Clock will go. For example, if the game clock moves at 1 Sim second per 1 Real second, setting the scale to 3.0 will turn it into 3 Sim seconds per 1 Real second.
    • Do not set this value too high! The Game itself won't be able to keep up if you set it too fast!